Golden Kitty Cake is inspired from the Waving Lucky Cat from the Chinese/Japanese community. It brings good luck to the owners. Now, it is Golden Kitty Cake's turn to bring you tons of fortune from its passive CAKE income. 

Come and join Golden Kitty’s community and start building wealth from the fortune cakes that he generates, YUM !

Contract address

Listing & Partners


What is the

Cake Bank?

Golden Kitty is distributing his followers with lots of fortune CAKEs! Check out what goes inside the Cake Bank:

4% of every BUY transaction
7% of every SELL transaction
10% of every Transaction between Wallets

How do I Claim my CAKE?

— Open the Cake Bank
— Integrate your BSC wallet address in. Once connected, you can view your current CAKE earnings, collectible date & time will be shown.
— When the cycle is ready, hit the “Claim CAKE” button.

CAKE is claimable  

every 24 hours

You are only able to claim the same percent from the bank relevant to the amount of GKCAKE that you hold from the supply. In a simpler term, If you hold 8% of the total supply of GKCAKE then you’ll get to claim 8% of CAKE from the Cake Bank.

Gentle reminder, every holders use the same Cake Bank to claim their CAKE, when claiming happens the CAKE pool will automatically reduce, and resulting in the CAKE shares to decrease. So, once your claim cycle arrives, make sure to claim your rightful CAKE as soon as possible!

Cake Bank


Aside from daily claimable Cake from the Bank, we’ve also ensured proper security insurance. Nowadays, whales, scammers, rugs are everywhere and some meme tokens have no means to guard against them, thus, our Golden Kitty has come up with a safety insurance, that will automatically buyback upon massive price dump, to pump up the price and maintain safety and stability. The Insurance will be funded through every transactions and stored safely within the Cake Bank. 5% raised from the pre-sale (amounting to 50BNB) will also automatically be stored into the insurance wallet.

Free CAKE claiming, and now Insurance utilities too? YUM! Golden Kitty Cake is here to spread good fortune for everyone!

Creative Team

Golden Kitty Cake's team is globally located, from the main developers up to the marketing team. We believe that TRANSPARENCY is the KEY to a great community, so we will keep you informed at every stage of the company’s growth!

Golden Kitty Cake Tokenomics

Total Supply,
Token Distribution:




Initial Phase

🍰 Website Launch ✅

🍰 Whitepaper Release ✅

🍰 Code Audit by Dessert Finance ✅

🍰 Cointiger Exchange Listing ✅ (Right after Launch)

🍰 Full Marketing Push and Community
Shilling ✅ ( Still ongoing)

🍰 10000 Telegram Members  ✅

🍰 Techrate Audit (Incoming) ⏳

🍰 High-Budgeted Poocoin Ads ⏳

🍰 Press Release through Yahoo Finance & Forbes ⏳

🍰 5000 Holders ⏳

Q3 2021
Q4 2021

Commercial Phase

🍰 Influencer Marketing Drive (IG, YT, TikTok, CMS) ⏳

🍰 Celebrity Marketing Incoming ⏳

🍰 Coingecko Listing ⏳

🍰 Coinmarketcap Listing ⏳

🍰 Golden Kitty Swap: Golden Kitty Games and Lottery ⏳

🍰 10,000 holders ⏳


🍰 $20M Market Cap ⏳

Adoption Phase

🍰 Famous Influencers and Celebrities Partnership ⏳

🍰 Listing on Top 5 Exchange ⏳

🍰 NFT Market Entry ⏳

🍰 Certik Audit ⏳

🍰 $50M Market Cap ⏳


Summit Phase

🍰 Golden Kitty Cake Foundation Formation ⏳

🍰 Increase the tradable pairs ⏳

🍰 Golden Kitty Wallet ⏳

🍰 100,000 holders and 100,000 Telegram Members ⏳

🍰 More partnership with big institutions and companies ⏳

Download the MetaMask
Chrome Extension or use Trust Wallet.


Setup your account &
add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list.


Purchase BNB and send it over to
your MetaMask / Trust Wallet Address. If you already have BNB, simply send it to your MetaMask Wallet.


Head over to the Pancakeswap Exchange and swap your BNB for $GKCAKE. If you already hold another token, you can swap that directly for $GKCAKE


4 steps to buy Golden Kitty Cake



What is Golden Kitty Cake Special Features

CAKE BANK to claim daily free CAKEs, CAKE BANK Insurance, and GKCAKE Airdrops!

What is Cake Bank (Cake Reward Pool)?

7% from Sell and 4% from Buy transaction is taken and and accumulated to the reward pool in CAKE.
All GKCAKE holders can claim their reward every 24 hours from that pool based on their GKCAKE holding percentage.

What is Cake Bank Insurance?

2% from sell and 1% from buy transaction is stored in a security wallet where it is set to be triggered when massive dumps happen. This is our solution to maintain stability during price dumping.

How can I claim my Cake?

Go to CLAIM CAKE page.
● Integrate your BSC wallet address in. Once connected, you can view your current CAKE earnings, collectible date & time will be shown.
● When the cycle is ready, hit the “Claim CAKE” button. A small gas fees of BNB is required in order to claim your CAKE.

How much Cake can I claim?

The amount of CAKE you can claim is [current CAKEs in the reward pool] x [your holding % of GKCAKE].
For example, if you are holding 5% of the GKCAKE Liquidity and the reward pool has 10000 CAKE, your reward will be 500 CAKE.
Our Golden Kitty is just that GENEROUS!
Note that the reward pool is shared with all other holders, so it will decrease whenever others claim their CAKE.
No worries at all as it will be filled up again whenever new transactions are made (either selling or buying).

When can I claim my Cake

The claimable time is every 24 hours.
But if you buy more than your current balance, it will push your claimable date back 24 hrs.
This is a mechanism to prevent whales buying a massive amount of GKCAKE right before their claimable time and swiping the reward pool away.

What if don't claim Cake reward in my cycle? Does it staked if not claimed?

If you don’t claim when your cycle is ready, your reward doesn’t stack to the following day.
It’s always calculated against the percentage of GKCAKE you are currently holding.
The CAKE pool is shared with all other holders and will decrease whenever they claim, and thus your share will be reduced as well. That’s why you should claim as soon as your cycle is ready

Why my claimable Cake turn lesser than the previous Day?

Always keep in mind that the reward pool is shared with all other GKCAKE holders.
The more CAKE available in the pool, the more you get for your percentage you hold.
Your claimable CAKE should be less than before if:
1. You sold GKCAKE then your holding percentage decreased.
2. The reward pool decreased because others claimed their rewards more than the amount being added to the pool by 7% from Sell and 4% from Buy transaction fee.

Any whale prevention measures?

Our Cake Bank Insurance does exactly that, every time a whale decided to dump the token to bring down the price, the funds of the insurance that is filled up through the 2% transactions from every transaction will bring up the price to maintain stability. Our Cake Bank rewards also has its own features to prevent any whale manipulation.

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